5 YouTube Recommendations

It’s been a while since my last blogpost here so I wanted to hop on here to share some updates.

Lately I have been exploring video form of content creation because it allows me to connect better with you all. If you are following this blog, chances are that you will enjoy and benefit from the content I post on my YouTube channel.

Here is a glimpse of it with 5 most relevant videos for you all:

1. Kaggle vs Real AI Product Development Life Cycle (#short)

Kaggle is great for keeping your data skills sharp, but if you haven’t been exposed to creating real world AI-powered applications, it can set some wrong expectations.

The AI/ML development life cycle consists of various stages and steps. It’s especially important to remember this and think holistically during your ML system design interview.

2. How I Transitioned from Dev to Applied Scientist/Data Science Roles – Recipe in Under a Min

As someone who has successfully transitioned from Software Engineering to Machine Learning Engineer and Applied Scientist roles, I get asked this question a lot so here is my recipe! This has worked not only for me but also many other colleagues at Microsoft.

3. How to Think Better and 10x the Quality of your Decisions

In this video we will understand how to develop one of the most important skills of the 21st century, i.e., Critical Thinking.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

4. 5 Skills to Not Become Obsolete in the AI Era

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Unless you want to become obsolete, you need to develop 21st century job skills, i.e., skills that cannot be replaced by robots and AI.

In this video we will look at 5 Top Skills that can help us to embrace the change and stay relevant in the face of automation and disruptions that will be brought by AI in the coming decades.

5. System I Use to Learn Anything Smarter and Faster

Learning efficiently is a game changer and it is going to become increasingly important in the coming decades because the world is evolving at an unprecedented pace. This means that if there is one skill we should master to create a great life, that is the ability to learn rapidly.

In this video I first describe a smart learning system and then I go through 7 techniques for effective learning. The idea is to cherry-pick the techniques you like the most and add them on top of the system to create your own personalized system for learning anything smarter and faster.

I hope you find the content insightful! Let me know in the comments what was the most helpful for you and what are the topics you would like me to cover next. I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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Happy Learning and Keep Evolving!

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