5 YouTube Recommendations

It's been a while since my last blogpost here so I wanted to hop on here to share some updates. Lately I have been exploring video form of content creation because it allows me to connect better with you all. If you are following this blog, chances are that you will enjoy and benefit from... Continue Reading →

Your Complete Guide to AI Career Pathways

So much confusion, so many doubts and questions around careers in AI! When deciding a career pathway, the lack of clarity can be really stressful. Instead of continuing to answer individual questions, I decided to address them once and for all. Developing an AI project involves various technical roles and tasks. Let's demystify them! In... Continue Reading →

AI Index Report 2019: Major Takeaways (Summary)

Introduction As we enter 2020, the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence has published its Artificial Intelligence Index - 2019 Report. The AI Index originated as part of a century-long Stanford study of AI’s progress and impact. The AI Index report examines in a very detailed manner the biggest trends shaping the AI industry, breakthrough research,... Continue Reading →

12 Key Lessons from ML researchers and practitioners

Machine learning algorithms come with the promise of being able to figure out how to perform important tasks by learning from data, i.e., generalizing from examples without being explicitly told what to do. This means that the higher the amount of data, the more ambtious problems can be tackled by these algorithms. However, developing successful machine... Continue Reading →

Deep Learning Series, P1: Basics of Neural Networks and Understanding Gradient Descent

This post consists of the following two sections: Section 1: Basics of Neural Networks Section 2: Understanding Backward Propagation and Gradient Descent Section 1 Introduction For decades researchers have been trying to deconstruct the inner workings of our incredible and fascinating brains, hoping to learn to infuse a brain-like intelligence into machines. For example, when... Continue Reading →

Understanding Word Embeddings

How is Google Translate able to understand text and convert it from one language to another? How do you make a computer understand that in the context of IT Apple is a company and not a fruit? Or how is a Smart-Keypad able to predict the most likely next few words that you are going... Continue Reading →

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