Information overload. Siloed resources. Non-methodical approach. Don’t let these become a barrier in your journey and kick-start your efforts to becoming a great data scientist or AI manager with solid foundations.

Grokking Data Science

Master the skills that can get you a $100K+ salary even if you bunked your statistics classes.

This course is your comprehensive guide to getting your start as a data scientist. No need to waste hours and hours on browsing from one article to the next and piecing together the info you need to grasp important topics. No need to get overwhelmed by the information overload. Find easy to follow, hands-on, and fun explanations of all the essential topics in one place so you can quickly and efficiently learn what you need to thrive as a data scientist.

Grokking AI for Engineering & Product Managers

In one form or the other, AI is going to be infused in all the tech products. Meaning, that in order to stay a relevant leader, it has become essential to have a solid, broad understanding of AI. While you may not be implementing the solution, you need to speak the language of AI.

Whether you’re leading a team on creating AI solutions, or you just want a better understanding of AI, then this course is for you. In this course, I have deconstructed the concepts most relevant for you.

“Top athletes have coaches and trainers. Mountain climbers have Sherpas. They don’t do it alone. Why would you?”

This is what students are saying:


I just happened to complete your ‘Grokking Data Science’ course. I have read many books and still remained unclear as to where to start and end. Your coursework was so clear and helped fill the gap. Thanks a lot for giving me an amazing learning experience.

— Barani (Data Analyst)

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I took your course ‘Grokking Data Science’ and loved it!

— Nirav Akbari (Software Engineer II at PayPal)

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I thoroughly enjoyed Grokking AI for Engineers and Project Managers! It has clarified some concepts for me and provided a concise explanation for many topics I thought I understood but had hard time explaining during interviews.

I really liked the whole lecture series because it was very comprehensive yet practical and gave real world examples of different tools and methodologies used to develop ML pipeline. This is not really taught in schools, if it is, it barely scratches the surface and without work experience it’s very difficult to understand what are the common practices to accelerate development. As someone who is not too familiar with the best practices and learning about ML from college courses and kaggle projects, this course series has helped me to understand the big picture and how AI is being deployed at scale, which is probably the most difficult aspect of this technology.

— Syed J. Ahmed (Software Developer at Fords)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

P.S. Remember that taking these course is completely risk-free, with 100% money-back guarantee. I’m here with the goal of providing solid value. If after going through the course, you do not find value from it, I insist that you take your money back!

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