Understanding Word Embeddings

How is Google Translate able to understand text and convert it from one language to another? How do you make a computer understand that in the context of IT Apple is a company and not a fruit? Or how is a Smart-Keypad able to predict the most likely next few words that you are going... Continue Reading →

Time Series Forecasting, the easy way! Let’s analyze Microsoft’s stocks

Introduction Time series forecasting and understanding time based patterns have many important applications. However, it is a territory often left unexplored, especially by ML practitioners, because of its relative complexity. To help people with domain knowledge, but without much expertise in creating statistical forecasting model, Facebook decided to come to rescue. And we will see... Continue Reading →

Understanding Decision Trees

Tree based algorithms are among the most common and best supervised Machine Learning algorithms. Decision Trees follow a human-like decision making approach by breaking the decision problem into many smaller decisions.  As opposed to black-box models like SVM and Neural Networks, Decision Trees can be represented visually and are easy to interpret. How is decision... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Algorithms 101

This blog post is for the newbies who want to quickly understand the basics of the most popular Machine Learning algorithms. I am assuming that you have read the previous article regarding types or categories of algorithms. If not, I would suggest you to read that first. In this quick tour you will learn about:... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning is the science of teaching computers to learn from data. In Arthur Samuel's words: "Machine Learning is the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed." Basically, the core idea in Machine Learning is that there are generic algorithms that can tell you... Continue Reading →

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